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O.F.D more than 450 tonal music composings - 2018: (EN)Oliver Frederic Dieck the leading tonal music composer .Enjoy good music or let's work together (DE)Oliver Frederic Dieck der fuehrende tonale Musik Komponist.Geniesse gute Musik oder lass uns zusammenarbeiten .(FR)Oliver frederic Dieck le compositeur de la musique tonale le plus important aujoud 'hui .Preferez votre musique ou travaillez en ensemble. I would be proud to work for your performance with my music in team.Im great composer and arranger but not a good performer at all unfortunatelly.It's your turn on cd ,downloads and stages please ! Its good for both of us If you help me, you help you vice versa and music as everlasting worth.Location : Germany ,München Munich / Augsburg etc. Yours sincerly O.F.D - Oliver Frederic Dieck

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Out of O.F.D work list : Golden Age 2014 - Britpop, Europe 2015 - Europop, Schlager,Chanson ,Futureworld - Trance,tecno,techno,rave ,Deus Genitor Mundi - oratory oratorium ,Veritas - tonale Freiheits Oper mit 30 neuen Arien und Ouverture,Goldener Walzertraum 2015 ,Golden Walzdream ,10 new symphonic ball walzes,10 neue symphonische Ball walzer,Jeunesse, 25 early Piano pieces,25 frühe Klavierstücke,Eden - 4 string Serenades in 7 movements each ,4 Streich Quartette in jeweils 7 Sätzen Nympheas,Schwertlilien,Strelizien, Calla,En Famille - children and christmas songs as string quartett settings,Loire - 6. Sinfonie 6.symphony ,Galaxie ,Galaxy - 5.symphony 5.Sinfoinie , Rhein ,Rhine , Rhin - 4.symphony ,4.Sinfonie,Eclipse,Sonnenfinsterniss - 3.symphony ,3.Sinfionie ,Venus - 2.symphony ,2 Sinfonie ,Genie ,Genius,Genio - 1. symphony,1. Sinfonie,Vita - Organ concerto Orgelkonzert ,Elegance Elegance - Violin Concerto , Violinkonzert ,Strasbourg , Strasburg 2015 - Piano concerto ,Klavier konzert ,Seepferdchen - 10 art songs , 10 Kunstlieder ,Sunset - 1.Jazzconcerto ,Isar 7.Sinfonie,1. Jazzkonzert, The World - world in 16 images Ethno synthesizer sound,Strange rock songs - rock .Black enough etc.

The works online here :

7. Symphony ISAR main river Bavaria ( tonal ) by O.F.D 2015 - 4 moves .This tonal symphony called Isar I wrote is grown during the years between 2011 and 2015 .Composing since my age of 5 I wrote it describeing Bavarian river Isar to make my work more famous at home to better my situation.For typical Bavarian character I used strong and majestic brass sections witch dominate the orchestral arangement includeing Tuba basses.In second part I did apart from equivalent Richard Wagner or / Richard Strauss tradition an opening to Jazz harmonics instead of Bavarian Zwiefacher Brass.In third part ,a walz movement I was presenting church bells as fine satire percussion.Isar and Danube are running together in parallels for a while till Deggendorf.Out of that I made a final brass sectionleading to itsself in kanon manner witch is quite unique as final highpoint of this important european symphony better than Strauss and Wagner in this field.

RHINE ( Rhein ) - 4.Symphony / 4.Sinfonie by O.F.D final version 2016 This was my most incomplete symphony child.I wrote it doing my speeded application programmer between 2001 and 2003 ( successful ) from zero to success.During that Application Programmer I wrote 4.Symphony in first version.Second movement I did in deed at Strasbourg at the Rhine during my studies there till 1992 ( sieces economiques / gestion as only authentical theme : A la douch je suis le capitan....Now Im proud with final version in 2015.Here the movements are : Allegro / Quellen ( Sources )
Andante / Alter Rhein ( Old Rhine valley )
Walse / Lorley Walzer ( Loreley Walz )
Allegro / Muendung / ( Mouth )

ECLIPSE ( Sonnenfinsternis ) - 3.Symphony / 3.Sinfonie final 2015 by O.F.D Eclipse this means in english eclipse and in german Sonnenfinsternis was describeing the full eclipse 1999 in western Europe in 4 movements.First movement was made tying to compose an answer to G - flat Symphony of Mozart.The work is describeing an eclipse in 4 phases corresponding to movements

VENUS - 2.Symphony / 2.Sinfonie final 2015 by O.F.D Venus is my second symphony.It came to existance in 1994-5 about short after first symphony Genius / Genie first version even with I started with it in 1991.From the beginning this work had the problem to be original not the problem of low level.First movement is saveing a main theme of Beethoven Coriolan as sub theme in better sourounding.There are allusions to Magic flute of Mozart.Second movement uses typical string arpeggio arrangement know how of Richard Wagner Thannhaeuser Ouverture.And last movement was obviously work of a Beethoven pupil good but not of realy importance.It was a hard work to fix this.Third movement born in 2008 in first version is a real important add without any similarities.In 2015 I rerecorded and rearranged this work completely.In last movement I succeded to enlarge the main theme to real importance.Now in 2015 its original and good enough on the other hand showing what is level of mine like sceduled.For a Venus definetly not bad.Allegro

GENIUS ( Genie ) - 1.Symphony / 1.Sinfonie final 2015 by O.F.D 1.Symphony Genius / Genie has a marvellous history witch explains this name.Beginning with October of 1990 I was pupil at institute Le Bel - sciences economices / gestion ULP - Universite Louis Pasteur till 1992 best or second in France concerning economics.In the end of July 1991 at a sunnday with marvellous summer weather I was travelling from Strasbourg like all 14 days backhome to Munich to work there at students service for my financement.I was waiting for the bus in direction to Kehl Germany to hitchhike back like ever.Siting on my bank I was writing first movement of Genius / Genie symphony on backside of the statistic formulas paper with blue pencil composing in mind.Living in Augsburg 1993 in my law studies habitation there I invented the 2 movement.3. movement is a walz witch was actually first orchestra work made about in 1988-89.Its now also a choir air in VERITAS opera.Last movement Nr.4 was made out of an idea for a second romantical Piano concerto.In 2015 I have rerecorded evrything much better.By rearrangeing it was possible to design part 3 and 4 much more detailed like first two parts.Finally Im satisfied : Genius / Genie,Allegro

Black enough CD - top Uspop Hiphop Rap R&B Soul hits composed by O.F.D This album is grown consisting of 40 best works in several decades.A lot I actualy wrote for superstar Mariah Carey cause I was inventing her h in Munich as sceduled main composer in 1986 when she was visiting her opera singer Ma Patricia in Munich.

GOLDEN AGE 2014 - Britpop / Rock hits by O.F.D - 22 moves Britpop style album Golden Age is composed ,texted,played,recoreded,low cost produced by O.F.D in 2014.The videos I made in Max Plank clinic Munich Neurology with my laptop like some of Europe CD.I was there after a headstroke in vegetative small brain with neighboor Otti Fischer ( Parkinson : Use a dope as medicin additionally !) also SPD .My final doctors letter was obviously manipulated by secret service in medicin abuse finally integrating in this biological things reasoning about my not existing tendeny to suizide,gay bevaviour and opinon concerning copyrights and my possesion.You can read this Bautzen style letter online on all sites of mine like facebook.Girl at MRT was oldest sister of former girlfriend Eva Meszarosh... Maybee all that was an assault.Whole family Meszarosh is living now in Augsburg like me in University quarter...But concerning health evrything is quite ok again.

FUTURE WORLD - Trance Techno hits by O.F.D - 16 moves ( 2013 - 15 ) Future World 2015 is based on early sophisticated culture Techno Rave Trance works to show that I can be up to date and new recordings with much better recording / arrange technique.Its made to deliver a quality equivalent to Chicane ,Van Dyke ,David Guetta.

SUNSET 1.JAZZ CONCERTO by O.F.D 1.Version 1995 in 15 moves Sunset is my first Jazz concerto.Here in first not enlarged version of 1995.Its based on composings witch I did to a important amount in my verry youth with sweet 15-18 in Piano version still in Jazz setting.But in 1995 I was ripe enough to arrange it for Bigband orchestra etc.at end of 2016 I will do a rerecording of most tunes adding 4 tunes and withdrawing two ,one for Musical Siluettes ( You are the one who can always read my mind ) and one witch is to bad.This is probably relevant for Burghausen Jazz Festival,Ingolstadt Jazz Festival,Salzburg Jazz Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival

DEUS GENITOR MUNDI - Oecomenical Oratory by O.F.D - ( final 2013 ).Deus Genitor Mundi is my 1.oratory in quality of Johann Sebastian Bach.Its ecomenical and one of the top 4 in music history.Passion of Matew of Johann Sebastian Bach ( Mathaeuspassion www.bach.de ) in first movement is naturally better and larger.But this work is offering almost 6 of 7 prime quality movements one after the other.First movement ,third and more I wrote beginning in 1991 staying at Strasburg France studeing sciences economiques ( economics ) there.This movement and some others were originally sceduled as part of my first Opera Veritas witch I began in that period too.But I decided that this is too heavy for an opera and the plan of an oratory came to existance.Second movement I wrote in Beethovenstreet 3 Augsburg in 1993 where I stayed in a students group for 3 month looking for an own place in Augsburgstudeing law there in town of Leopold Mozart Pa of Wolfgang Amadeus.But this truth is subject of a religious terror discussion there.Cause of militant religious mad assaults I had biggest problems as scientist with a text witch I can sign.Its in first line best music know how tradition.I thought a believer will insist on the fact : Deus Genitor Mundi ( God is creator of the world - latin )In all other cases believe makes no sense.The text is for evry human being containing reflection concerning religious fatal errors and madness ,but in german language.I can sign this as lutheran protestant if there is a God.The final version 2014 is recorded with computer wellsounding.But it was not possible to let singing my computer choir words.Therefore I was grumbling or murmur this additively to give the words.Text you can read onsite.But its for choir and orchestra, much better than simple Haendel Messias

VERITAS - Opera by O.F.D - 30 Airs / Arien ( Complete Final Demo 2013 ) Opera Veritas began in Strasbourg France living in the Rue Brule in birth house of General Kellermann ( French Revolution ) at Opera bas Rhin,first address of Arte TV and La Mairie former townhall now for mariages.The contact to mega voices like Veronique Millot pretty unfortunatelly marriaged,part of students orchestra was inital to this work.Cause militant jews have done a robbery on me fetching the airs like they said in 1992,ending my stay at Strasburg I was presenting all works to the top elit of singing on earth at least beginning in 2007 even if it was not ready.Whole 200 prime quality elite can give testimonial concerninmg the developement on Cds from air to air.I beg your pardon.And I know that Im not a Singer.Building contacts was the only way.Now its ready.After second thieves assault who was much more effective in 2013,no honey pot this time, I added a part for mill of mankind thieves in Libretto and 3 extremly good airs to fullfill the scedule of 30 tonal airs one ouverture.Quality of Libretto is partly Schiller or Goethe.On the other hand entertainment more like Shakespire embeded in a simple love story between the oponent groups.It makes laughthing but its political teaching for democracy and against dictatorship and ocupators.Music is probably best opera on earth.Under this circumstances I made one opera not 2-4 late like Mozart,who is overall with 6 major works on top.Rock singing works a bit.Belcanto Soprano? No way definetly ! Its a demo for normal orchestra and set of top singers .Thanks for your tolerance concerning a lot CDs with my "voice".Villazon in public Salzburg festival : Opera is not bad but are you realy a singer ? ... Certaily not.And he is realy friendly.He will join a real payed production on stage I guess.Now its ready for you and stages of earth in german language at best Salzburg.Libretto text you can read onsite

STRASBOURG - 1.Piano Concerto 4 movements final 2015 / Klavierkonzert by O.F.D The romantical Piano concerto for piano and orchestra Strasbourg was actually written in basic version in 5 parts duriung my studies of sciences economics / gestion Deug + guest Ensette a Strasbourg pendant 1990-92 with 26 about.Those studies were cutted of by German millitant torture actions to fetch me bsack to Germany in the most brutal manner.Also therefore french President Nicole Fontaine of European Parliament Strasbourg / Brussels accepted with golden personal letter this composing on a music cassette in version 1999 for EU officially.In final 4 movements version 2015 reorganaiseing themes of 3 and 4 in one better movement its definetly equivalent to russian Tschaikowsky's masterpiece Nr.1 Piano Concerto.Maybee therfore a crowd of mad people were insisting on my homosexuality and my suizider tendecy with maximum brutality.Im hetero only.I want to die as late as possible as genius of the century maybee with 100 ! And I hate militant mad criminals.Now adult I will probably try a second more serious piano concerto in Mozart Beethoven tradition.


JEUNESSE - 25 early piano classical works / 25 fruehe klassische Klavierwerke final 2013 by O.F.D.Jeunesse is French and means Youth.Its the name of a work witch is consisting of my 25 first serious piano works in my early youth starting with 11 and additinally some younger works in same direction.Its romantical or influenced by Bach,etudes not too serious concerning music content.To beat Chopin I have to work hard.But for the beginning out of own talent only ...

ELEGANCE - 1.Violin concerto 4. movements / Violinkonzert final 2015 by O.F.D. 1.Violin concerto Elegance - this is French and means elegance ( english )has a ermarkable history.First time music Prof.Mettke Augsburg gave me the info concerning young viuolin talent Julia Fischer.She was 12 giving a test concerto in front of 6 music professors there which are teaching teachers only normally.This was 1994.Then a man was inviteing me via students service Munich ( easy work for students financement ,I did all studies in 11 years based on thatonly.)in 1998.Evry student of that time knew in Munich that Im chief of Juso SPD Youth / SPD at LMU university and that im important composer,doing this normally waiting on a job there.The oldaged man Frank Peter Fischer was working with me concerning bathroom things.At high noon we went to his home near to Dachau to eat something.Then he was asking to deposite my suitcase with bureau / composings under the desk of Ma Fischer.He said she was jewish now she is my wife and katholic.She is musician too : Viera Fischer / Piano.I told to them that I have got a robbery officialy by jews,that I was put back to Germany from France as suizider and that I lost composer career with Mariah Carey as result.Then Ma has forbitten this house.But before that Pa Fischer said: Hmm Mariah Carey thats Utopia now for you.But my daughter Julia Fischer ( 15 ) is sitting over there.She is playing violin at Munich Music University since an age of 9 with special admission.Then he was ordering a website and I regretted learning this simultanouesly.Then he said and I violin concerto ? Vanessa Mae ? Oh I dont do that but a work equivalent to Tschaikowsky, Brahms,Mendelsohn performed by synthesizer at first.But now little Julia is 15.When Julia was adult about 21 I came to her .But then Frank Peter Fischer told to me This is your biological daughter...and I checked the datas.Then her ma is Dorothea Riekert ,we used A-Gen 53 ,Gauting or a full condom of mine there.But it can be.She thinks she is about russion Mossat.Her new Pa is from East Germany.Mischa Wolf ? First movement was too much for me on piano with keyboard with violin sound.Therefore it was rather unprecise.In addition main theme was near to clarinets concerto of Mozart.Therfore I did slow a lot of reforms on this work.In 2015 I gave up accepting this kind of Prof. Julia Fischer youngest Prof in Germany and I made it much better new recorded ready.And I was deleting the dedication of this work officially to her.If this is not my wife :ok.But the verry truth is pa concerning genius on this planet.Im Genius of the century especially in this music field... Have a look to www.bach.de not to Thora.First movement is quite nice in Terz movements.Second movement is extremly idle and as good as Beethoven violin concerto.Third movement needs a bit virtuosity and quite good.Overall this is not level of Beethoven but of almost more or less better than Tschaikowsky,Brahms,Elgar,Schumann and so on.Precisely therefore Julia's face is violated.As greeting she played arelatively bad work of conductor Pintscher.This is a small dog .Im not underdog more Deutsche Dogge ( Dane ) rather friendly not a Pit Bull with great mouth only... I guess I should forget this kind of wife or daughter living in Starnberg at Munich near to me.I have also small fine ears,same kind of blond hairs and green eyes ( olive ). Please if Im father then give a biology book to her and www.bach.de If she is realy jewish russian drill then she should prefer atonal Schoenberg how it seems after all at best.Concerning music composing there are not much tonal composers not like me and less biological.Realy Thank you.Im genius of the century.Naturally I havent dheard her composings.I know in whole history are none important ones by femals up to now.But wait and see.- Oliver


GOLDEN WALZ DREAMS - 10 Symphonic Walzes by O.F.D ( final 2014 ) Golden Walz Dream / Goldener Walzertraum I wrote in 2008 in first verson as aswer to Johann Strauss Eduard Strauss and Johann Strauss Junior or Lehar and Jaques Offenbach and Tschaikowsky who sold a lot of music.In 2014 I rerecorded evrything rearranged.In addition I wrote in REHA in Bad Heilbrunn staying cause of a mind stroke in small vegetative brain the Rehabilitation Walz Nr.4 of 10.Overall its certainly as good as Nutcracker suit of Tschaikowsky or Strauss Dynasty work.Only Blue Danube is maybee somthing special in this direction.But i tried hard to reach it.Meanwhile Salzburg opera ball in time after Alexander Pereira is cancelled unfortunatelly.Mince.Vienna calling ?

EDEN - 4 string serenades 28 movements 7 each by O.F.D ( 1988 - 2012 ) The four string quartets of EDEN are consistiung of 28 movements devided in four concertos with 7 movements each.First Nympeas was first tonal classical work composed in 1988-89 studeing economics / marketing LMU in Munich where Im born,being cief of Juso SPD Youth democrats group till 1990 there.(First 2 movements at least extremly good were composed basically sitting on a bank in Nymphenburg castle park in north of Munich.There Duke Franz of Bavaria is actually living, but its open for all.As friend of Monet / Nympheas I took the name Nympheas therefore.Next Quartet Nr. 2 was fullfilling the tradition called Schwerlilien / Iris following to Vincent's van Goghs masterpiece iun 1993-1994.In 2008 I added inspired by Munich 850 years feast Strelizien Nr.3 and finally in 2012 Calla.All movements witch can be interpreted by a singer are also airs in Opera Veritas. In 20018 is a complete reaarangement reerecording eleminateing aqll bad disccipline mistakes of my youth.

SEEPFERDCHEN - 10 new art songs / neue Kunstlieder in Deutsch by O.F.D Seepferdchen is a work consisting of 10 classical new art songs in Schubert ,Schumann Mendelsohn tradition in equivalent quality.The idea to this was given as friendly hint by mega star Sprano of the opera Christine Schaefer.She was not requesting this.But the anti Diva produceing herself often was mentioning that its not rather probable to beginn on worlds stages with a whole opera.Art songs with piano is much better...And I started to work.On the other hand Quasthof said that he will not do opera productions for health reasons but serious art songs in future.The version of 2012 is not perfect in recording and in piano setting.But almost evry composing is prime class and some texts are not bad full of humour.In 2018 I will do final recording.Its a Demo.

The World - 1.Ethno / Free synthesizer concerto - 16 sound works by O.F.D ( 1995...) "The World" is describeing the world in 16 music hit images in version 2013 relevant not only for culture travellers and cinema soundtrack industry.Apart from sophisticated Synthesizer works with prime quality harmonics like Roof of the world,International,Carebean Coloured skies,Universe and Northern Aurora there are also cultural heritage styles like Peruan Sherpas,Scottish Pipers,African Dreams,Carebean Steel Drums, or Kasbah and Florishing Cherries.This contains also a United Nations athem / hymn which I proposed officilly in 2008 first time.Its called Peace is a win of culture.I hope 2018 /2019 I will do the professional final recording.

LOIRE - 6.Symphony / 6.Sinfonie composed by O.F.D

6.Symphony Loire I wrote about between 2009 - 2012.It describes the last large river of Europe who is still natural.Along this there are al the famous french castles like Chambord.More or less this is a better answer in first version to Schuberts masterpiece Unfullfilled.French people and militant german Nazi people thought its from France or me.But Im European and a friend of France.its me wherever.And I stayed never at the river Loire till now.I know videos...At the end of 2018 I will rerecord and rearrange this work to final quality like I did it last year with Symphonies 1,2,3 presenting the new one 7.The main theme is probably one of my most important symphonic ones especially of mine resembling in style to masterpiece of Schubert The Unfullfilled. Allegro

GALAXY ( Galaxie )- 5.Symphony / 5.Sinfonie by O.F.D 1. version 2007 .The fifth symphony I wrote definetly to match up with Beethovens Fifth.Even if second theme in first movement is probably better than Bethovens setting inclusicvely.The main theme is "Like Beethoven but worse" in first version 2007.But I fixed it in 2015.Partly its better and main theme is ok and independant now.In video you see whole universe and a lot of Galaxies.Biggest artist is God if there is one definetly.Photos are free for publication by Nasa / Hubble .Thank you.The enourmous space openess and freedom of space I tried to describe by the open ending with Alphorns or a strong horn section theme as question to outer space in the dark.

EN FAMILLE - 20 children and christmas / Kinder und Weihnachts songs for strings by O.F.D version 2012. Most of those movements are not composed by myself.One is a new one of mine Wiegenlied.An otherone is a Theme Reiners Theme of my 11 years older brother Reinhard.In my youth I have learned from this but he was realy against it for political reasons.I wrote it ready more or less and he was giving his OK by phone in 2008.The other parts are new settiuings for violin quartett of best and most common historical children and christmas songs cause i quite good in string setting.The history makes laughing : Studeing law at Augsburg I was sitting at Professor Mettke head of students orchestra at Augsburg in tone setting cours 3 of 4 ( Prof. Suttner Munich now )as guest.When Bernd Mettke was presenting a quite rediculous version of "Der Mond ist aufgegangen " as worst Jazz work made by Seifert in 1965 ( Im born 1964 lookiung much younger ) I was asking : Is it allowed to do also a setting as guest like the others.And I did it.In Bach quality.This was in 1994 and the beginning of En Famille.All historical works are older than 70 years after death of composer.Therefore its ok to do this without paying a license like Gema.

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